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  • Dilaudid 2 mg

    It is known as the generic name hydromorphone, hydrochloride. Dilaudid is a strong prescription medicine used to treat chronic pain in people who are not helped by normal medicine. This medicine comes in an oral liquid solution, injectable solution, high injectable solution. Buy Dilaudid 2 mg from a popular pharmacy website where you will get 20% discounts.

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  • Dilaudid 4 mg tablet

    Dilaudid pills color is yellow & round shape imprinted as 4. Use this medicine as prescribed by your doctor for the treatment of severe pain. Don’t use these doses in larger amounts & for a longer time without consulting with your healthcare provider. Even if you are a pregnant woman do not use this medicine it can affect your newborn baby. Buy this Dilaudid 4 mg pill after being prescribed by the doctor.

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  • Dilaudud 8 mg

    Dilaudid 8 mg is a prescription medicine that is used to treat break bones, surgery, injury, bad medical condition, chronic pain. This medicine(hydromorphone) was produced in 1920 & patented in 1923. Don’t give this medicine to anyone in the house who has a history of drug abuse & alcohol addiction. Buy Dilaudid 8 mg Online.

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Before using Dilaudid you have to know about their uses and the side effects so that you will stay away from any unwanted or life threatening coditions. Basically, this medication provides relief from severe chronic pain. Dilaudid is not used for normal pain. Always take this medication after the prescription of the doctors.

If you want to buy Dilaudid then you can buy it from the medsdaddy.com which is the best online website for the medications. Here you can get the discounts as well as home delivery of your medications. Medsdaddy always sells FDA approved medicines which is certified as well as trusted brands. It belongs to the hydromorphone class of drugs. Hydromorphone is an opioid pain reliever that works in the brain & reduces pain.

Uses of Dilaudid

Dilaudid is the same as other chronic pain medicine. You can use this medicine for chronic pain treatment. It relieves all the severe pain. This medication is not for short-term pain, normal pain, this is for serious injury, dental surgery, chronic pain. You may also use dilaudid to treat certain types of cough.

How Dilaudid Works?

The morphine derivative hydromorphone has potent analgesic properties and binds to mu-opioid receptors in the brain and stomach. A complete agonist at the mu receptor is hydromorphone (full agonists have a larger effect at higher dosages). It functions by altering how the nerve system and brain react to pain.

How to take Dilaudid?

Usually, doctors prescribe a low dosage, and when a person responds to the dosage they slowly increase the dosage according to their medical condition. Before prescribing the dosage, your doctor will review your condition properly. Here are some factors which all doctors keep in their minds before prescribing Dilaudid dosage:-

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Medical condition
  • If you have any other health-related problem
  • Respond to the first dose of medicine

It is important to take Dilaudid with a prescription only. Don’t forget to read the doctor’s medication guide & directions which are mentioned on the prescription. Take the dosage every 4-6 hours. Dilaudid comes in oral form liquid form and syringe form. Take the dosage according to the prescription-only. If you didn’t understand how to take or what dosages then ask your pharmacist or doctor again so that you stay away from any unwanted situations.

Side effects of Dilaudid

While taking dilaudid you may confront some side effects some are common that go away within some hours or may be some days but some are rare and serious so, always use Dilaudid after doctor’s prescription. But incase if you find any serious side effects then you have to contact your doctor soon. When you use this medicine then it causes you some mild or serious side effects that listed below:

Mild Side Effects

  • Dizziness
  • Sweating
  • Itching
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation 
  • Sleep apnea
  • Mood changes
  • Confusion
  • Severe stomach pain
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Slow breathing
  • Fainting 
  • Rash, itching

These types of side effects take some time to get better. But in case there are some side effects which are getting worse day by day. So always keep in touch with your doctor who is taking care of your case. Do not take any of the doses if you have:-

Serious Side effects

  • Fast Heartbeat
  • Chest pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Constipation
  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hallucination
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Blood pressure low & high
  • Nervousness & agitation
  • Tiredness
  • Weak muscles
  • Double vision

Points need to know before taking Dilaudid

Before taking Dilaudid keep in mind some points which are:-

Take the Dilaudid dosage when your doctor prescribed it for you.

  • The FDA has not approved Dilaudid for those who are below 18 years of old.
  • If you are using Dilaudid for long-term then it can impact your psychologically or physically dependent on that.
  • Only take Dilaudid if your doctor does prescribe it for you. Buying without a prescription is against the govt rules.
  • Don’t take Dilaudid if you have taken sedatives or MAO inhibitors in the last 14 days. 
  • If you are allergic to Dilaudid or similar products tell your doctor. He will suggest you the best option for that.
  • Don’t take Dilaudid after drinking or consuming Alcohol.

Your doctor will not prescribe you Dilaudid if you have:

  • Difficulty during breathing
  • Slow breathing
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Thyroid
  • Head injury, tumor
  • Sleep apnea
  • If a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • Difficulty with passing urine
  • Before taking the medicine consult with your doctor if you are a breastfeeding mother.
  • Dilaudid can affect your Fetus if you take the medicine at the start of the first 2 months or use this medicine for a longer duration till the date of delivery. So before taking this medicine confirm with your doctor if it is safe for both mother & unborn child. 
  • Inform your doctor about any medicines which you are using.

Warning & precautions:

  • Using this medicine Dilaudid can decrease your breathing. Basically, it happens when you are using this medicine or the dose is changed. One thing to keep in mind is don’t take an extra amount of medicine & for a longer duration. You are not allowed to break chew or crush. Take it as a whole medicine & swallow it with the help of water.
  •  This medicine can be habit-forming even if you are consuming a daily dose of it. you should follow your doctor’s instructions only. Do not pass this medicine on to any other person. If there is any person or child misuses or takes this medicine without a prescription, it can cause addiction, overdose, or death.
  • A pregnant woman who is using this medicine during pregnancy causes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms in an unborn child.
  • If you consume alcohol or drugs, you can go through some dangerous side effects.

Best Over The Counter Dilaudid Alternatives

These types of alternative medicines are used when that medicine does not work well. There are 2 medicines that we can count as Dilaudid’s best alternatives.

  • Tramadol this medicine is also used in extreme pain. It works on the CNS by providing relief from pain. We can use it as a Dilaudid substitute.
  • Gabapentin For treatment of partial seizures in children or adults, Gabapentin is usually taken in combination with other medicines. A child must be at least three years old. 

Advice to take Dilaudid during pregnancy

If you are a pregnant woman who is suffering from extreme chronic pain & not able to tolerate the pain you can take Dilaudid during pregnancy. There is some risk of birth if you use this medicine during the first 2 months. Even if you use them for a longer duration near your delivery date, they can harm the unborn child.


How to buy Dilaudid online?

If you have a prescription for Dilaudid, you don’t need to go anywhere to purchase this medicine. With just a single click on the mouse, you will get your medication at your given address through our website Medsdaddy.com. Just select your medicine & click on the buy button & grab some discount with the best quality medicine.

What are the benefits of using Dilaudid?

Dilaudid comes in liquid, tablet & syringe form. All 3 forms are used to treat pain. Using Dilaudid can you with chronic pain. Your doctor has chosen this medicine when other opioid medicines do not work.

How long does it take for Dilaudid to kick in?

If you intake Dilaudid then it will takes 15 to 30 minutes to make effective and relieve the pain and between 30 to 60 minutes it on their peak.

How long does Dilaudid stay in your system?

After intake of Dilaudid (Hydromorphone), it will remains in your body for many days like in urine test you fill find 2 to 4 days after using and 1 to 2 days in blood. It will detected in saliva from 1 to 4 days and in hairs it will found at least 90 days.

Can I take a double dose if I missed a dose?

Don’t take a double dose if you missed your dose otherwise it will effect your health. If there is enough time between the next dose and the missed dose then take your dose immediately otherwise you can take your next dose at your time.

What is the generic name and brand of Dilaudid?

Dilaudid is usually taken for chronic pain. It is recommended for that person who is dealing with chronic pain. Hydromorphone is a generic medicine that has the brand names Dilaudid, Exalgo, Hydrostat IR.

How much is Dilaudid price without insurance?

You can Buy Dilaudid from anywhere. The cost of Dilaudid without insurance is around $10.42. 

Can Dilaudid cause confusion?

There are a lot of people who are using Dilaudid and they do not experience any serious side effects of it. If there are any side effects that irritate you get in touch with your doctor & inform them. Some serious side effects: mental mood/confusion, hallucinations, stomach pain, difficulty during the passing of urine.

What do Dilaudid Pills Look Like? (Color)

Dilaudid comes in 2 forms: oral & liquid. Both the liquid & tablet forms are used in chronic pain. Dilaudid has some forms which come in different colors & shapes.

Dilaudid 2 mg This dose is identified as 2 mg. It is in orange color with a round shape. The logo which is mentioned on the pills is P 2. 

Dilaudid 4 mgThis dose comes as 4 mg. It has a yellow color with a round shape. The logo which is mentioned on the pills is 4 A. 

Dilaudid 8 mgThis dose is identified as 8 mg. It comes in white color with 3 sides. You can check on the pills it mentioned as P d 8.

How to get a Dilaudid prescription online?

If someone is experiencing extreme chronic pain & doesn’t want to visit a doctor’s clinic, they can check for the Online prescription option. There are a lot of online doctors who have professional experience and can prescribe the online prescription via call, video call. But the person should share all the needed information which is required for an online prescription. 


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