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If you are suffering from moderate to severe pain and need a Roxicodone then you can buy it. But before buying you should know all the in and out of Roxicodone. You have to know the side effects, uses, and precautions, as well as how to use and what amount of dose to be used. Basically, Oxycodone is the generic name of Roxicodone. This medicine should not be taken in normal pain. A person who is suffering from cancer, surgery, or injury pain, can take this medicine to treat their pain.

If your doctor prescribes you Roxicodone then you will get this medication through our website medsdaddy.com where you can get maximum discounts on the prices. This medicine was approved on the 12th of April 1950 by the FDA. And, Medsdaddy only provides certified medicines to their customers. There is a list of numbers of customers who have a faith in our services and medicine after taking our services where we deliver your medicine at the doorstep. 

Uses of Roxicodone

Roxicodone is available after a doctor’s prescription only. Roxicodone is a pain relief medicine that can treat your symptoms of chronic pain. There’s a possibility that you can take this medicine with food or without food after a doctor’s suggestion. Roxicodone is a strong opioid medication for extreme pain & chronic pain. When other medication didn’t work well & pain cannot be tolerated then we can use this non-opioid medication for severe pain. Roxicodone is similar to other Opioid medicine.

How does Roxicodone work?

The brand name for oxycodone is Roxicodone. Both brand & generic medicine are used in chronic pain. Both the medicines treat chronic pain which is caused by injury, surgery, & cancer pain. This medicine treats mild to moderate pain. 

How to take Roxicodone:-

  • It is necessary to read all the medication guides. if someone is not able to understand the doses he/she can directly connect with their doctor.
  • Before taking any dose check all the doses which your doctor prescribed for you. 
  • We will recommend you take the medicine after prescription only. you need to take this medicine through the mouth as per your doctor’s instructions. It is also up to you whether you wish to take this medicine with or without food. but make sure you are not taking grapefruit with this medicine. 
  • Will recommend that you do not use grapefruit while on this medicine. grapefruit & medicine interaction can increase the side effects. 
  • If someone is using an extended-release liquid, it is necessary for them to take the right measurement instrument to get the proper right dose. If you are not sure about the dose you can ask your doctor for the correct measure dose.
  • All the doses that the doctor prescribed you are based on your medical condition. 
  • taking any dose more than recommended or for a longer period immediately stop them & connect with your doctor for better assistance. 
  • If You stop taking this medicine suddenly, maybe you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. if you are taking these doses in excessive amounts or for a longer period. your doctor will reduce the withdrawal symptoms by suggesting you a lower dose of medicine.

Warning and Precautions

  • In some cases, Roxicodone can affect infertility. Visit your doctor’s clinic if you are planning for a baby.
  • We will advise you that while taking these pills do not suddenly stop the medicine. your doctor will slowly decrease the doses of this medicine.
  • If there are children & pets in your family, store the medicine where children cannot take them so easily. 
  • Using any other medicine that interaction can cause side effects. inform your doctor if any other medicine(prescription, non-prescription medicine) you are using it
  • There is a possibility that you can feel sleepy using this medicine. so avoid driving, or any heavy machinery work, which can cause you serious injury or death.
  • Don’t drink with Roxicodone. Using both together can increase the chances of serious side effects.

You are not allowed to take Roxicodone if you:

  • Don’t take this medicine if your doctor did not prescribe it to you.
  • If you are allergic to this medicine or other drugs.
  • If you are Alcoholism or dependent on drugs
  • Have trouble breathing, asthma, or lung problems.
  • If there is a blockage in your bowel & paralysis for some time.
  • Recently head injury.

Storage & Disposal of Roxicodone

You should store your medicine properly so that your medicine will be effective for many days. You should store it in a container that is air-compact.  Avoid your medicine from the moisture and excess heat otherwise it will be less effective. Keep your medication out of reach from the children and the pets.

If you have the Roxicodone medicine and it is not in use for many days or many months or it may be about to expire then you should contact your pharmacist for a take-back program. If a take-back program is not nearby you then you can flush it to avoid any unwanted situations.

Best Over The Counter Roxicodone Alternatives

There are 2 good substitutes for Roxicodone which are used in chronic pain. kindly check here:-

  • Tramadol- Tramadol is basically used in general and nerve-related pain. This is a chronic pain medicine. that you can use as a substitute for Roxicodone.
  • Methadone- This medicine is approved by the FDA to Treat Withdrawal Symptoms, Chronic pain, and Opioid Pain.  Methadone is generally used in opioid addiction.

Advice to take Roxicodone during pregnancy

The FDA(Food & drug authority) categorizes the medication in different categories according to their safety & abuse during pregnancy. FDA has Put the Roxicodone in B Category. That means there are no such records in humans that prove Roxicodone use in pregnancy is safe. But studies show that pregnant animals were given this medicine & after the birth of their baby didn’t respond to any medical health issues. 

What Do You Need to know before taking Roxicodone?

Before going to take any dose have a conversation with your doctor if you have:-

  • If you are allergic to Roxicodone or its chemicals.
  • if you have asthma or breathing difficulty
  • if you have sleep apnea 
  • head injury or seizures.
  • liver or kidney disease
  • problem in passing urine
  • thyroid
  • This drug is not recommended for under the age of 18 years old children.
  • Using alcohol with Roxicodone can lead to death. This combination can slow your breathing or cause drowsiness.

Before taking this medicine, discuss with your doctor if you are a breastfeeding mother. Use this medicine if you feel drowsiness or slow breathing in the baby so connects with your doctor for better assistance. 

taking this medicine during pregnancy is not a good idea for both mother and baby. Using this medicine during pregnancy could be addictive after birth. maybe the child experienced some life-threatening withdrawal symptoms 


What are the benefits of using Roxicodone?

Roxicodone is a medicine to use in chronic pain. You can use this medicine without food or with food also. This medicine reduces the symptoms of chronic pain. This painkiller comes in an extended-release capsule  & extended-release tablet & extended-release liquid form to treat chronic pain.

What is the generic name and brand of Roxicodone?

Roxicodone & its generic medicines are used in chronic pain. We might know that Roxicodone is a brand medicine for generic Oxycodone. Both medicines have the same drug group.

How long does Roxicodone stay in your system?

Roxicodone can be detected after a drug test for up to hours and days. It totally depends on which part of the body is going to test. Like if you test your blood then you will find it for 24 hours. If you are testing your saliva and urine then it will be detectable for three to four days and 1 – 4 days respectively. But if you test your hair for the drug test then there is a chance of detecting it for 90 days from the last day you are taken.

How long does it take for Roxicodone to kick in?

If you intake your Roxicodone to relieve the pain then it will take only 15-30 minutes to start their work and be more effective within 60 minutes. It also depends on the metabolism and how your body reacts to the drug. Like if you are addicted to that drug class then you need a heavy dose. But keep remembering that you should increase your dose only after the prescription of your doctor.

Should I take any special diet during the course of Roxicodone?

No, you don’t need any special diet during the course of Roxicodone until & unless your doctor didn’t prescribe you. You should consult your doctor first so that your doctor determines your health and recommend your diet accordingly.

How much is Roxicodone price without insurance?

Roxicodone is a brand medicine if someone purchased this medicine without insurance cost so they have to pay at least $746.31 for Roxicodone. For some people, this price would be costly. The main reason is that it is a brand medicine. if you purchase generic medicine that will be cheaper as compared to brand medicine.

What’s the connection between Roxicodone and Depression?

If Someone Who consumes Roxicodone for a long time or in a larger amount can Develop the chances of Depression in Person. If a person doesn’t talk about this situation with the Doctor so there’s a possibility that person can face a worse situation of depression. 

What do Roxicodone pills look like? (Color)

Roxicodone has a variety of 5 mg, 15 mg & 30 mg. Roxicodone is supplied in an immediate form. Here we have listed the Roxicodone Medicine color & shape that you can check & get an idea about the Roxicodone strengths.

  • Roxicodone 5 mg- This 5 mg dose is in white color with Round Shape. Imprinted as M 05 52.
  • Roxicodone 15 mg- You can recognize it as 15 mg in green color with a Round shape. Mark on the medicine with 15M.
  • Roxicodone 30 mg- this dose is in blue color with a round shape. Imprinted with 30 M.

How to buy Roxicodone online?

Roxicodone is a medicine, That you can use after a doctor’s prescription. You can get this medicine from our online Platform Which is Medsdaddy. This medicine is an FDA-approved medicine.  If there is anyone who is looking for oxycodone, the best quality medicine can purchase it from our trusted website. Here you will get the best quality Roxicodone at a lower price. One more thing: We have an offer which is 10% off all medicine that you can avail yourself of.

How to get a Roxicodone prescription online?

A doctor who has a professional degree or experience cannot be prescribed Roxicodone Online because FDA has categorized Roxicodone as a controlled substance. That online doctor cannot prescribe you. If you require this medicine prescription so need to be prescribed it by an offline doctor who has a right to prescribe it.


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