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Reductil 15 mg

(11 customer reviews)


Reductil 15 mg or Sibutramine is used for weight loss. People who want to lose their weight by using Reductil. Have a conversation with your physician and take the proper prescription if you are thinking about losing weight by taking Reductil. You can consume these doses from 10 mg once a day, after 4 weeks You may increase your doses after consulting with your physician.

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11 reviews for Reductil 15 mg

  1. Alex

    This medication makes me lose weight Before I try everything even exercising I was feeling frustrated but with this med, I m already started to lose weight. But now I have one problem after taking this medication, sometimes some parts of my body feel like are trembling or shaking.

  2. Parker

    This medicine is amazing & effective. I can finally handle my weight. I’ve been taking Reductil for several weeks and I haven’t had any side effects other than the headache I had the first two days. Hence, my overall impression of Reductil is favorable.

  3. Erick

    I never thought that this medicine would work like magic. I have reduced 12 pounds in 1 and half months. Which I guess is a dream for those who are gaining too much weight.

  4. lisbon

    I have been on a lot of diets, but nothing has worked, but this med has really worked for me. I have been on this med for 2 months and I have lost around 30 pounds I work out twice a week. I haven’t had any side effects from this med. I have learned that diets don’t work. But healthy, eating does and this is a life choice, eating healthily every day.

  5. jonny

    I have been suffering from obesity, And I was really frustrated, I always used to be in depression from my obesity. But one of my friends advised me of this Reductile, and after the prescription from my doctor, I started to have it as prescribed. I have been taking this med for the past 1 month and I have already started to lose weight by this med. And I really thankful to my friend for this med

  6. Jack

    I have been taking Meridia for off and on for several months and I have to say I am very pleased. Even though it is pricey it works! Some of my side effects were stomach pain, some dry mouth and heart burns. Nothing severe to the point where I would want to stop taking Meridia. I have not gained any of the weight that I have lost. When I first started taking Meridia I was 190lbs. I was able to lose 12lbs and not gain it back, after stopping for about 6 months. Now I have started taking Meridia again for about one month and I will continue to do so until I reach 170lbs. I see my Doctor once a month for my refills and lab work

  7. Jerry

    Loved this diet pill! No side effects and it worked. I lost 20 lbs in one month. Very upset it’s off the market. I only used it that one time, but if ever needed to loose weight again I would want to use it again!”

  8. alexa

    This medicine is quite useful in losing weight as I Have tried it in the past and it really worked for me. There will be only a few side effects from this med, such as trouble sleeping, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, headache, etc. I m not using this medicine now as I have already attained the weight which I wanted to but I really thought to right abt this med as it might help the needy ones as it helps me.

  9. letti

    Reductil 15 mg pill, i suggest to those people who want to loose their weight in some few months, this is very applicable to loosing weight . my friend used this Reductil 15 mg i saw his transformation practically she was worried about his fat then our common friend suggest him to take this pill you will sure loose your weight in few months. and its true. we saw Reductil 15 mg effects very soon. you can buy this Reductil 15 mg from medsdaddy.com without any hesitation.

  10. Lisa

    I have been taking this medicine for the past 1 month, which has helped me a lot in losing weight. I had been in depression from obesity. I have tried almost everything to lose weight but it doesn’t work. And then one of my friends told me abt this medicine. And i have tried it after consulting my doctor and you guys know what it really worked in my case. And I m on my doses for the past month and its really working and I am happy with it.

  11. kylie

    today is my first day on this med. i have bought it online after consulting my pharmacist and other people who have used it. usually, I do have a funny taste in my mouth after taking this med and i get thirsty too. my vision gets blurry but other than that nothing too serious.

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