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Soma 350 mg

(13 customer reviews)


Its generic name is carisoprodol. Which is used in muscle relaxation. People who are Going through muscle pain, musculoskeletal pain, skeletal muscle pain from injury use soma to treat their pain to reduce & calm down, reduce muscle pain. It should be used as short-term muscle relaxation medicine. This medicine cannot be given to under the age of 16 years & above 65 years old.


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13 reviews for Soma 350 mg

  1. Anna

    I take 3 medicine one in the morning 2nd dose in the afternoon & the last dose at night. It helps me a lot to get fight against knees pain, shoulder pain, back pain.

  2. Andrew

    In the past year, my father has undergone two major surgeries on his back and knees. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for him. He takes Lunesta to relieve the pain in his back & neck to get well and feel better.

  3. Gloria

    I am taking these doses with sleeping pills. My sleeping pills cannot work alone. Taking both doses I can sleep well & don’t feel any pain.

  4. ROSE

    Recently I have ordered it for a mother who’s Going through bad pain. I noticed that the rates are quite cheap as compared to other online pharmacies. Even I don’t have to go outside to purchase these medicine for my mother. I ask my mother about these doses. She said these medicines are really effective & produce calming effects. Now I have decided to order them from online websites like medsdaddy only.

  5. Hellen

    I am taking them for my knees pain, back them. It is effective & great. I cannot imagine without this medicine.

  6. Callie

    I have been dealing with muscle pain for the last 6 months. So one of my friends suggested
    I to this medicine for muscles pain.

  7. Hope

    My doctor suggested I take care of muscle pain. I am not in a situation to deal
    With this pain at all. So I decided to order it from medsddady website to treat my pain.

  8. Max

    If someone who is dealing with back spasms can take these pills to treat with their

  9. Carlos

    I have back pain, knee pain, neck pain, & all over the body. I cannot explain
    How am I going through with this? Whenever I cannot sleep, I take Soma with sleeping pills
    So that I can fall asleep.

  10. Elliott

    I have tried a lot of types of medicine to relax my back pain. But none of the medicines works on my pain. Then I used Soma to deal with this pain. Now I can relax & be able to do daily work.

  11. Gracie

    When I was in this pain, I couldn’t sleep properly due to suffering from muscle pain, neck, back pain. Then some of my family members suggested I go to the doctor’s clinic. The doctor checked me & prescribed me soma 350 mg to take care of my pain. I have ordered it from the medsdaddy website & using it for 1 week. I am feeling more relaxed with this medicine.

  12. Presley

    There are a lot of medicines on the market. But this is my opinion soma is the best medicine
    For back spasm & muscles spasm.

  13. Daniel Sams

    I had back and knee pain, this medicine help me to recover.

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