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  • Soma 350 Tablet

    Its generic name is carisoprodol. Which is used in muscle relaxation. People who are Going through muscle pain, musculoskeletal pain, skeletal muscle pain from injury use soma to treat their pain to reduce & calm down, reduce muscle pain. It should be used as short-term muscle relaxation medicine. This medicine cannot be given to under the age of 16 years & above 65 years old.


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Soma is a prescribed medicine used to treat musculoskeletal pain. It is working on the muscles and helps them to relax. Soma is known as carisoprodol and soma belongs to the skeletal muscle relaxants group. It can be used in many meds or alone. It is not proven yet that soma is safe for children younger than 16. so never used soma without a prescription.


Uses of Soma

soma is used in muscle pain. It reduces muscle pain by stopping pain sensation in nerves & brain. For better results from this medicine, your doctor will recommend physical therapy to reduce muscle pain or injury.


How to buy Soma online?  

Soma is a medicine whose main work is to relieve muscle pain. According to our research, We have mentioned all the possible information which are related to soma. That will help you to know more about Soma. On our Website(medsdaddy) we have listed Soma 350 mg strength that you can purchase from our website and get quality medicine at the lowest rate. We have listed all the medicines which are FDA Approved. So you don’t have to worry about the quality & services. You have come across the best online medicine website that only believes in services. You need to select only soma strength & click for the next steps. After following all the steps you have to press the place order button. We will take around 4-5 working days to deliver your medicine to your given address.


How does Soma work?

When a person takes soma it starts the work by sending the messages between nerves to the central nervous system. Soma releases muscle relaxation & reduces the pain. It is available as a tablet or can be taken many times as per the doctor’s prescription.


How to use soma 

You can have soma with or without food. as prescribed by the doctor. Never use soma without knowing the consequences. Do not take an overdose of soma. It can be harmful to you and would leave your body paralyzed. Soma is used for short-term usage. Your treatment time period could be 2 to 3 weeks. Also, your dosage totally depends on your body’s response-ability and your doctor would increase or decrease the dosage of your medication. 

Never Stop Immediately, You may face some physical reactions such as headache, insomnia, stomach problems nausea. to prevent these effects visit your doctor and ask them if he/or she may Decrease the medication Gradually. if you’re using soma for a long time it may become common to have withdrawal symptoms. Ask your doctor for more information to prevent the side effects of taking the exact dose of medicine your doctor prescribed you.

Side effects of Soma 

If you are facing the side of soma that may be serious, contact your doctor. Many times you will face difficulty in breathing, lips, swelling on your face any problems in the throat. Soma has some common effects that may indicate drowsiness, headache, dizziness, and vomiting. High levels of serotonin in your body, fever, unusual sweating, seizure, stiffness, confusion, diarrhea hallucinations, muscle stiffness, those side effects of soma come in a serious category if you are facing any of them, during your medication tells you doctor about the situation.

Things that affect the soma 

sometimes using soma with certain medicine is harmful and may be low and make soma less effective. Some certain medications may increase your blood pressure which may cause other problems. using soma with other medicine makes you ill and slow or may stop your heart. before using opioid medicine such as a muscle relaxer, sleeping pills, etc ask your doctor. Soma is an over-the-counter medicine vitamin and herbs product. many medicines can be interactive with it. tell your doctor about the situation or stop using it.


Before using any opioid medicine tell your doctor about your medical history, especially if you had a certain blood disorder such as kidney disease, or liver disease, Tell your doctor about your or your family medical history (if required). Before, any dental surgery always tells your dentist about your medical history such as herbal products, and medicine prescribed or non-prescribed. Using an opioid drug in your 60s is more dangerous because your body’s anti-resistance ability is weak. Never use soma if you are more than 60 years old. The chances of side effects may increase.

during pregnancy, Do not use Soma or any opioid medicine, until it becomes necessary to use. Soma may pass into the milk and may affect your baby. consult with your doctor before feeding the milk.


Best Over The Counter Soma Alternatives

Soma is a short-term use medication to treat muscle pain. Sometimes it won’t work so no worry you can try other options which are similar to soma. Have a look at the below-mentioned details which are Soma alternatives. 


  • Cyclobenzaprine: Cyclobenzaprine is also muscle relaxation medicine. Maybe the doctor prescribed this medicine for short-term use. The best way to relax your muscles apart from the medicine is to take rest & Physical therapy.
  • Tizanidine:- this is the second alternate option for soma. It is also used in muscle spasm pain. But sometimes it can cause sleepiness. You can take this medicine on a needed basis.


Advice to take Soma during pregnancy


Soma has been placed in the C category by the FDA. That means, there is no such research on this medicine in pregnant women that soma can be used in pregnancy. Maybe it can harm the fetus in a woman’s stomach or after birth the baby can face withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and irritability.


What is the generic name and brand of Soma?

Soma is a medicine that blocks pain in the nerves of the brain. for better results use this medicine with rest & physical therapy. Soma comes in brand form Which has a generic medicine is carisoprodol.


How much is Soma’s price without insurance?

Soma without insurance price is $216 for 250 mg strength for 30 tablets. prices are depending on the pharmacy you choose. 


What’s the Connection Between Soma and Depression?

When someone uses Soma continuously for a long time there is a possibility that it can cause Depression Symptoms. Depression is a common side effect of using Soma Medicine. 


What Do Soma Pills Look Like? (Color)

Soma is a  muscle relaxer medicine that we can use after prescription only. If we talk about it in its doses. So it comes in 2 forms that anyone can use orally. We have mentioned soma both medicine color & shape that you can check here:-


  • Soma 250 mg- Soma this strength comes in white color & round shape. that you can recognize as 250 mg. the mark which is mentioned on the medicine as SOMA 250.
  • Soma 350 mg- Soma 350 mg is the strongest medicine for Soma. It has White in color with a round shape. which you can identify as SOMA 350. imprinted as SOMA 350. 


How to get a Soma prescription online?

Soma cannot be prescribed by Online Doctors. Only Offline doctors who have professional experience can prescribe Soma. According to the Research, it is controlled substance medicine that Scheduled IV substances under the controlled substance act.




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